Recycled Composite Triple Artificial Leather Fabric
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Recycled Composite Triple Artificial Leather Fabric

Recycled Composite Triple Artificial leather fabric is a versatile, eco-friendly product that repurposes waste from the manufacturing process of apparel, shoes and handbags. It reduces water and energy usage, as well as the harmful chemicals that are typically used in traditional leather production.
It is a durable, lightweight and water-resistant alternative to real leather. Its finish is soft and feels luxurious to the touch.
Product Description
Recycled Composite Triple Artificial leather fabric is an environmentally friendly upholstery material that looks and feels like traditional leather. It is made from recycled offcuts that are ground into fibres and entangled together using high-pressure water. This results in a material that is more economical to manufacture, easier to work with and can be produced on a roll that is easier for manufacturers to work with.
The leather scraps are collected from manufacturers of apparel, shoes, handbags and furniture. They are put through a series of scouring processes to achieve a consistent even texture and then cleaned.
The finished recycled leather fabric is then washed to soften it and give it a natural colour. It is then used to make a variety of products, including ELeather. The result is a recycled leather that is durable, cleanable, beautiful and eco-friendly. It can help your company get closer to its carbon emissions goal, save you money on seat cover production and improve customer comfort.
Product Application
Product Application
ELeather is used globally in the aviation, automotive, public transport and lifestyle industries as a lighter, more durable alternative to traditional leather. It is up to 50% lighter than standard leather and helps lower carbon emissions, saves fuel and improves customer comfort.
The leather hides are collected from the manufacture of apparel, shoes and handbags, which are then subject to multiple, non-polluting cleaning processes before they are recycled. This is done to achieve a consistent texture and natural color.
A unique composite construction process delivers outstanding hand and touch along with care-free, high-performance reliability - year after year. It also provides significant cost savings when compared to upholstering furniture with leather hides.
Sustainable Composites LLC has developed a totally unique, technically advanced material made from waste leather. This patented material changes the environmental landscape for leather products.
Product Specifications
Recycled Composite Triple Artificial leather fabric is a durable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional leather. It features a high quality polyurethane facing with a recycled leather backing. This fabric provides the look, feel, and volume of real leather at a fraction of the cost. It is ideal for upholstery, headboards, pillows, cushions, and handbags. It also offers the benefits of scratch and sag resistance, high-performance reliability, long-lasting durability, and eco-friendly characteristics.
Sustainable Composites LLC, founded by scientists Frank Fox and Tom Tymon, has developed a process to recycle leather scraps that would otherwise be discarded into landfills. They have been in the materials industry for years, working in R&D, production, management and executive positions, and they understand that the waste of leather is a problem worldwide. This is why they have developed embrace(tm), a new leather product that utilizes discarded leather scraps to create a stylish, durable fabric with similar textures and qualities as traditional leathers.