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what is suede

Suede is a kind of wild animal chamois leather, with more grain damage, thicker than sheepskin, and tighter fiber structure. It is the best leather for processing suede.
Suede is rarely used now, and now it is replaced by high-quality goat skin, sheep skin and deerskin. The cleaning leather made by oil tanning method has a very soft texture.
It is quite protective for glass or other things with low hardness. And this kind of suede is divided into raw suede and cooked suede. Raw suede is generally used to wipe glass or reflectors in cars.
Suede is divided into raw suede and cooked suede. Raw suede is generally used to wipe glass or reflectors in cars, while cooked suede is generally used to wipe high-precision instruments, such as microscopes/refractometers, etc. Wait, because this kind of cooked suede is very soft and not easy to slip, so many antique shops will use this kind of thing to pan jade, wipe playthings and so on.
Faux suede is also called faux suede. A kind of artificial leather.
A fabric that mimics animal chamois with a dense surface of fine, soft, short naps. It has been imitated in cowhide and sheepskin in the past. Since the 1970s, it has been imitated by using chemical fibers such as polyester, nylon, acrylic fiber, and acetate fiber as raw materials. , Durable and durable, it is suitable for making spring and autumn coats, coats, sweatshirts and other clothing and decorative items, and can also be used as a material for shoe uppers, gloves, hats, sofa covers, wall coverings and electronic originals. Artificial suede is made of warp knitted fabric, woven fabric or non-woven fabric made of ultra-fine denier chemical fiber (below 0.4 denier) as the base fabric, treated with polyurethane solution, raised and sanded, and then dyed and finished.
The production method of suede is usually made of suede, deer, goat, and sheepskin. Since chamois is a national second-class protected animal, the number is rare. Now regular manufacturers, such as Great Wall Leather Products Co., Ltd., all use Deerskin, (higher cost), goat skin, sheep skin, these animal skins are produced, the production process: raw skin - dehairing - liming - meat removal - aldehyde tanning - smoothing - oil tanning - drying - washing - drying - Falling soft - ironing - sanding - secondary ironing - manual trimming, and other processes, processed into suede finished products.

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