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What is Water-based PU Leather

Water-based PU leather, also known as waterborne PU leather or water-based polyurethane leather, is a type of synthetic leather that is manufactured using a water-based polyurethane coating. It is considered a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional solvent-based PU leather, as it reduces the use of harmful chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Here's an overview of water-based PU leather and its classification:
Water-based PU Leather:
Water-based PU leather is produced by applying a water-based polyurethane coating onto a fabric or non-woven substrate. The polyurethane coating provides the leather-like appearance, texture, and durability typically associated with traditional PU leather. Water-based PU leather offers the following characteristics:
Eco-Friendly: Compared to solvent-based PU leather, water-based PU leather has lower levels of harmful chemicals and VOCs. It reduces environmental impact and is less toxic during production and use.
Soft and Comfortable: Water-based PU leather has a soft and supple texture, providing comfort and a luxurious feel. It mimics the look and feel of genuine leather and can be made in various finishes, such as smooth, embossed, or textured surfaces.
Durable: Water-based PU leather is highly durable and resistant to wear, tear, and abrasion. It can withstand daily use and maintain its appearance for an extended period.
Versatility: Water-based PU leather is available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and finishes. It can be produced to resemble various types of genuine leather, making it suitable for a variety of applications, including furniture upholstery, automotive interiors, footwear, bags, and accessories.
Classification of Water-based PU Leather:
Water-based PU leather can be classified based on various factors, including the manufacturing process, appearance, and application. Here are some common classifications:
Grain Type: Water-based PU leather can be categorized based on the surface grain pattern, such as smooth, embossed (with a textured pattern), or printed (with a specific design or pattern).
Thickness: Water-based PU leather comes in different thicknesses, ranging from thin and lightweight options to thicker variants for more heavy-duty applications.
Finish: The finish of water-based PU leather can vary, including glossy, semi-glossy, matte, or suede-like finishes. These finishes contribute to the overall appearance and texture of the leather.
Application: Water-based PU leather can be classified based on its intended application, such as furniture upholstery, automotive interiors, footwear, handbags, belts, and other accessories.
It's important to note that water-based PU leather may have different trade names or brand names depending on the manufacturer or supplier.
Water-based PU leather provides a sustainable and versatile alternative to traditional PU leather, offering a wide range of design options and reducing environmental impact. It has gained popularity in various industries due to its durability, aesthetic appeal, and eco-friendly production process.

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