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Talking about artificial fur

Artificial fur refers to the use of weaving, knitting, or gluing to form fluff of different lengths on the surface of the fabric, with the appearance and wearing performance close to natural fur. Knitting artificial fur refers to the use of plush weave on the knitting fur machine, and the wool yarn is made of acrylic fiber, vinyl fiber or viscose fiber, and a layer structure similar to needle hair and fluff is formed on the surface of the fabric. Its appearance is similar to natural fur, and its warmth retention, breathability and elasticity are good. Woven artificial fur is a raised texture with a double-layer structure, which forms plush on the surface of the fabric after being cut. This artificial fur down is firmly consolidated, neat and elastic, and has the same warmth and breathability as natural fur.
Artificial curly fur is a quilt with the appearance of natural fur by adhering to the base fabric of various woven, knitted or non-woven fabrics by gluing with imitation lambskin curly yarns. The surface is similar to the natural flower tufts, the plush is soft, the texture is light, the warmth retention and moisture drainage are good, and it is not easy to corrode, easy to wash and dry, and is widely used in various aspects.
According to the appearance of fur, artificial fur can be divided into: imitation raccoon fur, imitation mink hair, imitation rabbit hair, imitation lamb hair, imitation beach wool, imitation beach wool, imitation fox fur, etc., the appearance of high imitation artificial fur, The feel, color, brightness, etc. are exactly like real wool, which can completely replace real wool to make clothing, shoes and hats. This is more conducive to the protection of wild animals. Now many people kill animals and sell them for a good price for their fur, and let those rich and noble people wear the skins of those animals. I think it is too miserable. Animals, like humans, have thoughts and feelings, so killing them in this way is really too cruel. If we don't wear those animal skins, imagine the people who make money buying animal skins will stop.

Environmentally friendly Plain big curls water-based artificial fur

1. Good moisture absorption, comfortable to wear, bright color and low price.

2. Smooth and supple.

3. Fabrics are widely used in clothing, shoes and hats, toys, home textiles and other fields.